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School Assessments and Plans

Emergency Preparedness Consultants Inc. specializes in security and emergency management, business continuity, and disaster recovery for universities, colleges, as well as public and private schools. The consultant team assembled is unique in that it has a diverse group of subject matter experts with numerous years of experience. 

Emergency Preparedness Consultants Inc. is comprised of consultants with government, business, training, teaching and educational experience along with security and emergency management skills. Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery are the corner stones of Emergency Management. 

Starting with a Hazard and Risk Assessment for your facility, we will identify the concerns and issues related to your specific location. Developing a security and emergency preparedness plan, will give you the action steps to follow when seconds count ensuring you will respond in a quick and decisive manner. Training is the key to any security and emergency plan;

Emergency Preparedness Consultants Inc. will set up a program that will give you the ability to respond to any emergent event. With our 7 step, process we will make sure you will be able to respond in the event of a crisis.  

Emergency Preparedness Consultants will: 

  • Do a Hazard and Risk Assessment
  • Develop an Emergency Response Plan
  • Assist in the development of Emergency Operations Centre
  • Train your Emergency Response Team in the Emergency Plan
  • Educate your Staff in the Emergency Plan
  • Meet with your executive to advise them about the Emergency Plan
  • Develop a tabletop training exercise for your staff